If you guys don’t mind, I have to rant about my English teacher for a second…

Nothing pisses me off more than ignorant bigots who do not take the time to do basic research before attacking a group of people. My English teacher is such an ignorant man. Keep In mind 12th grade English is the study of British literature. I understand and am well aware that many pieces of work in the earlier centuries have a heavy religious influence but that is not a valid reason for him to attack those who do not follow Christianity or Catholicism. Everyday he brings up religion and constantly degrades the Islamic belief system. I’m not Islamic but I have friends who are and their are known Muslims in that class. He has a tendency to make comments about 9/11 and ISIS and blame Muslims for America’s financial problems. Not only does he make rude comments about Muslims, he also talks ruthlessly about Jews and Atheists. The school I go to is known as a “Jewish” schools because of the area it’s in, that being said it is not a private school. We have a very high jewish population. I’m not of the Jewish faith but I am an Atheist. I’m not an angry atheists who tries to make you leave your religion but if you make an unjust claim about being atheist or atheism, I will say something. He has said many times that Atheism is a religion which it isn’t and that atheists are all mad at God for reasons unknown. Today in class, he tried to say that atheists are evil. He tried to justify this by bringing up Columbine and other infamous crimes. Basically he said Atheists tend to be more violent than the average Joe. Naturally this made my blood boil. After he finished saying what he had to say i asked him if he thought I was more inclined to shoot up a school because I’m an atheist. He didn’t give me a straight answer but in so many words he basically told me yes. Before i could get out any words, half of the class began attacking me for not believing In God. Some even went as far as calling me a Satanist. I don’t get upset anymore like I used to when people would damn me to hell or tell me they’ll pray for me because I now understand that people are ignorant and criticise what they don’t understand. Instead of just asking what atheism is, they decided to question my morals asking where I get them, what happens when I die and if I think I’m going to heaven. When i die I’m going in the ground, 6 feet under just like you, i do not believe in Heaven or Hell for that matter and as far my morals, I get them from experiences. As you age you realise what is acceptable and what isn’t. I just really hate my English class.

Yes, I did complain about the daily preachings to my principal.
Yes he did address the issue with my teacher yet nothing has changed. But before you guys go calling me sensitive or whatever let me just say I’m not the only one in that class who feels uncomfortable. How would you feel if you were constantly arguing with people everyday? It gets annoying. I don’t hate religious people. Believe what you want. I only have a problem with them when they try to force it down my throat and tell me I’m wrong for not believing in what they do.

Okay I’m done.